Grout is Porous And Needs Cleaned And Sealed



What is  the first  color of your grout? Don’t remember? Don’t know? Your gray or brown grout may have originally been white. Years of use and everyday cleaning rituals can take the vibrancy and luster out of your grout.

Especially today, we must all do our utmost to kill unwanted bacteria in our living spaces.

What is grout? Grout  is that the  porous mortar or paste that fills  within the  spaces between the tiles on  the ground  or wall. Because grout is porous, it absorbs moisture, fungi, and bacteria,  which may  cause  mold growth. Tiles and grout will harbor mold and fungi which pose serious health risks if  they’re  not regularly treated. Mildew can form, mold can accumulate, and water stains can penetrate your once shiny tiles and, honestly, make it  appear as if  you don’t care about your home or business.

Why clean grout? Here are  a couple of  reasons: Dirt  and mud  from untreated grout  is definitely  transferable to other surfaces in your home like kitchen counters, furniture, and your newly required post COVID-19  headquarters . Regular grout cleaning can stop the germs commonly found around your sinks and toilets from spreading and becoming  a possible  hazard . Further, grout and tile can harbor allergens like mold and mildew. These allergens pose  a significant  health risk for those with asthma or other respiratory issues.

How  does one  properly clean and disinfect grout?  it’s  suggested  that you simply  address  the deep cleaning professionals at Ultra Steam St. Louis. Their grout and tile cleaning protocol involves – A) The applying of a non-toxic acid solution to the grout lines which is worked into the pores to loosen imbedded dirt. B) This solution is then neutralized with another non-toxic solution and vacuumed by  a billboard  vacuum. C) Sealant is then injected into the empty pores and brushed  to make sure  even application. D)  the whole  surface is buffed and cleaned  to revive  the first  shine.

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