Best Carpet Cleaning In Alton, IL

The floors in our homes are the most widely used item in the house. The carpets absorb odors and trap dirt and oil from the bottom of shoes. If you have pets, they can track in all types of dirt and debris from outside. There will be stains and spills that happen, especially with children and pets. We want our carpets to be clean while sitting on the floor or especially if we have young children crawling and rolling on the carpets.

Because we all know children are consistently putting their fingers in their mouths and we will want to do our best to make sure the carpets are clean. We provide the best carpet cleaning services in Alton, IL.

Clean Enough is Never Enough!

Here at St. Louis Carpet Cleaning Service, it is important to us that you can eat your lunch off the floor. Not that most of you need to but we make sure of it anyway!

Or perhaps, you just want to party harder than any being in existence every single night. When it comes to cleaning, we are discrete, we don’t care what the stains are or the smell. We are highly professional, so place your trust in us!

Pet’s An Interminable battle for a Clean Carpet

If you have pets, odds are you gave up caring about maintaining your carpet a long time ago. That 1970’s brown shag carpet used to be white and hides all its additions apart from the smell. But you are probably so sensitized to the smell now that only your visitors confirm its existence with a furrowed face and short visit.

Working to Help You Work

You keep yourself immaculate all the time for helping you close the next deal, but if your carpet isn’t up to snuff then you have a fight on your hands. If your last client walked dog doo into the carpet, will you create a receptive environment for a sale? Hire us to help you win more trade and retire to somewhere tropical.

Establishing Trust

We are an SME with years of experience and great feedback from clients. This has enabled us to continue to work and grow our business yet we still are Owner operated.

This helps us maintain relationships and ensure we can undercut our competitors while still offering you a premium service. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t like what we have done, we keep going until it meets muster.

Tile & Grout Cleaning Alton, IL

Tiles and laminate flooring have become all the rage in every house from here to right over there! In hotter climates, tiles can give you excellent heat regulation and a surface that is easier to clean. Unfortunately, over time these scratch and wear to a lack-luster finish from daily use.

Perhaps you want to show your friends or neighbors exactly what is at the end of their nose. To do that you need your tiles professionally cleaned. Our Alton, IL Tile & Grout Cleaning Service we can give you your mirror-like tiles back – it’s up to you what you do with them then!

Upholstery Cleaning Services Alton, IL

Furniture that has upholstery can store the smell of dust, smoke, and bodily functions forever! With our Alton, IL Upholstery Cleaning Service we give you a breath of fresh air indoors.

You don’t want to be known as the neighbor with stinking chairs so get us over quick to take care of it. Here at Upholstery Cleaning Services, we are well aware of where the smells come from and how they get into the fabric. Thankfully we also know how to get them too.

Areas We Cover

Not only do we service St Louis but we stretch across many places within Missouri and Illinois, offering you carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and tile and grout cleaning in Wildwood, Wentzfield, Chesterfield, Overland, Maryland Heights, Ladue, Hazelwood, Florissant, St.Ann, St. Charles, St. Peters, Town and Country, University, Creve Coeur and Webster Groves in Missouri.

In Illinois, we service the areas of Belleville, Granite City, Collinsville, Counties Clinton, Edwardsville, Jersey, Madison, and St. Clair.

So contact us today to help with your cleaning needs!

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