Best Carpet Cleaning In Edwardsville, IL

Finding a professional carpet cleaning company can seem like a daunting task if you have never done it before, but don’t worry! We provide the best carpet cleaning services in Edwardsville, IL. We clean carpets using hot water extraction techniques. It is also called “Steam Cleaning” and is recommended by most carpet manufacturers. In order to maintain the wear warranty of a new carpet, hot water extraction is usually required. For better results, we use a truck-mounted cleaning system. This ensures a deep-down clean with minimal drying time.

We are committed to your and your loved ones’ well-being. With years of experience, we have found the best methods to guarantee that your carpets contain fewer bacteria and have a fresher scent. Using environmental-friendly cleaning methods, we ensure your home or business is thoroughly and completely cleaned without using toxic chemicals that could harm your family or the environment. We use methods that are especially safe for children and pets. We offer affordable and hygienic carpet cleaning in Edwardsville, IL. Get your carpets cleaned today without putting the environment and health at risk.

Jet Cleaning Carpet System

We have the best jet cleaning system you can buy. Here at St. Louis Carpet Cleaning Service, we use our awesome 2-4 jet wand to magic away stains, dirt, and odor. Top-of-the-range equipment to give you top-of-the-range cleaning.

Hey, presto your carpet is now creating major envy with your neighbors and their neighbors. Gone are the days of using rugs, furniture, and pets as covers to all the years of shame, splattered across your property.

Pet Stains

Pets can be fun or little rascals, ripping, biting, and wrecking everything in sight. While we cannot help with training your fuzzballs we can ensure that they are at least not destroying the clean carpet. Keep them safe from illness and allow you to hug something that isn’t a living transmitter of odor and filth.

Working to Help You Work

Seems like only yesterday you opened your doors and ever since your carpets have been abused by hundreds of ill-tempered clients and employees alike. No worries we have your back, well ok your feet. We offer commercial cleaning services and pride ourselves on our great reputation and repeat business. Our job is to keep you thinking about work, not how to hide stains from new clients.

Establishing Trust

We rely on being honest and hardworking to stay in business. We believe that the best practice is to follow best practices and ensure we service your needs. Our 100% no quibble guarantee, means if you are not happy with our work we will make it right.

Tile & Grout Cleaning Edwardsville, IL

Your old kitchen and bathroom tiles look like they are about to go into the potter’s ground, but why? You cleaned them with love and care right, but you forgot about the micro-abrasives in the cleaning agents along with contaminants already present on the surface that made them worse.

With our Kirkwood, Mo Tile & Grout Cleaning service we can make your tiles and grout shine like new without the expense and effort to put new ones in.

Upholstery Cleaning Services Edwardsville, IL

Upholstery is one of only a few things around the house that is a nightmare to clean. How can you clean something effectively that is porous yet only accessible from one side? Your possessions reflect you as a person, and a tatty chair means judgment by others – whether you like it or not!

With our Kirkwood, Mo Upholstery Cleaning Services we take that worry away with our first in class upholstery cleaning service. Never compromise with a throw or junking a perfectly good piece of furniture – let us restore it to all its glory and let you keep the savings!

Areas We Cover

Not only do we service St Louis but we stretch across many places within Missouri and Illinois, offering you carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and tile and grout cleaning in Wildwood, Wentzfield, Chesterfield, Overland, Maryland Heights, Ladue, Hazelwood, Florissant, St.Ann, St. Charles, St. Peters, Town and Country, University, Creve Coeur and Webster Groves in Missouri.

In Illinois, we service the areas of Belleville, Granite City, Collinsville, Counties Clinton, Edwardsville, Jersey, Madison, and St. Clair.

So contact us today to help with your cleaning needs!

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