Carpet Cleaning Service in St. Louis and Surrounding Areas

Carpets are usually the most common flooring used. They not only insulate your flooring, they also help to create a focal point, protect your flooring and add to the aesthetics of the room. Carpets require maintenance to provide a clean and beautiful home. Thankfully, with  St. Louis Carpet Cleaning Service you never have to worry About Hiring  A Carpet Cleaning Company

We Have The Best Carpet Cleaning Equipment!!

St. Louis Carpet Cleaning Service  has the latest cleaning to get the best possible carpet cleaning! Most carpet cleaners only have a wand with 2-4 jets. With a 6-jet cleaning wands the results are just phenomenal and we can clean most stains that other cleaners may find very difficult to deal with.

Pet Stains & Odor Removal

We specialize in eliminating pet urine and odor issues.  Treating the source of the problem by injecting the enzyme deodorizer and urine odor remover into the the carpet will ensure the pet will not return to the “accident zone”.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Improve the cleanliness of your facility and enhance your companies image.  Extend the life of your flooring and save thousands in capital, you also improve indoor air quality.  Using a combination of truckmount and portable units we can clean all area’s of your facility.

We Are An Owner-Operated Carpet Cleaning Company!

Being an owner-operated carpet cleaning company, St. Louis Carpet Cleaning Service builds relationships with our clients so they come back and refer us again and again. We take pride in our work and always make sure our work is done properly and inspect the job so you receive quality carpet cleaning services. Our work comes with a 100% guarantee and if you’re not satisfied, we will clean unsatisfactory areas of your carpet again, free of charge.

Deep Cleaning  Carpets  – How Often Should You Do It?

Most residential carpets should be deep cleaned at least once every 12 months if not more depending on the usage and traffic footprint received on it. Commercial carpets may need more frequent cleaning. There are numerous methods that can be adopted for deep cleaning carpets. Truck mounted steam carpet cleaning is the most effective and especially our 6-jet cleaning wand will provide a cleaner carpet with a quicker drying time. We can remove spills, dust, mud and all sorts of deep stains you just can’t get out with regular methods and most carpet cleaners find difficult to deal with.

We are very confident that our carpet cleaning services and results will leave you thrilled! So, if you are looking to effectively clean your carpet, make it smell fresh and prolong its life, just give us a call. We are one of the best carpet cleaners both in work quality and price…so you get the best quality at an unbeatable price!

Call 618-708-3199 for Illinois OR 314-266-9877 for Missouri

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