How to Remove Pet Odors & Stains

Carpeting can be a cozy element to any home, but pet stains and spots can quickly obliterate this emotion.  If the spot is not visible, the smell is certain to grab unwanted attention. To reclaim the warmth of your dwelling, the stain and the smell clearly have to be removed.  The only way to fulfill this is by having the spot and/or carpeting professionally steam cleaned and extracted. Rental equipment as well as ‘do-it-yourself’ carpet cleaners lack what is demanded to totally get rid of both the stain plus the odor.

Pet urine is on the list of the most awful substances that can possibly be in your carpet. It has a horrid smell, invites the accumulation of bad bacteria, and decreases the air quality in your abode. But, if action is taken fast, pet stains and smells can be completely removed. Swiftness is the key element in situations like this.

The carpet backing and cushion are the two sections where odors like to dwell. The rental and ‘do-it-yourself’ carpet cleaning units are just not built to crank out enough electric power to thoroughly clean deep down through these sub-surface layers.

Clearing the sub-surface layers of the pet’s stains on your carpet can be done in one of two ways. One option is to have the carpet and/or pad completely replaced. Or, hire a qualified carpet cleaning company to fully rinse and extract these layers while keeping them in place.

The carpet is the smallest of your crisis when the stain has soaked down to the pad. While it may not be your ultimate fix, it is recommended that you act quickly when you suspect a spill, leak or stain has soaked down to the pad as a professional carpet cleaning using hot water extraction may be your only hope for the removal of the pet stain.

Pet stains and odors undoubtedly remain everlasting carpet challenges which should be left to the experts.  The experts at Ultra Steam Carpet Cleaning St. Louis are equipped to handle the problem.  They identify the stains with a black light and treat the area with their pet odor neutralizer which injects an enzyme deodorizer and urine remover into the carpet.  For more information about pet stain and odor removal check out With Ultra Steam Carpet Cleaning you are able to get rid of the carpet stains and odors and enjoy your pet!

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