Upholstery Cleaning – Improving Your Health


Let discuss how maintaining an upholstery cleaning schedule may improving your health.

There are  many of us  , especially in our Covid-19 pandemic environment,   clean their bathrooms every  few  days  to be sure that they keep bacteria and other problems away. Even the cleanest people may forget that upholstery cleaning is  a crucial part of keeping your house clean.

There are a spread  of health Concerns If upholstery cleaning  is not done regularly

Bacteria Can Grow In Your Upholstry

First is bacteria. While  you’ll  be constantly using hand sanitizers on your hands and Lysol on your  sink  ,  you’ll  be overlooking where   bacteria grow the most. Often spills happen on your upholstery or someone sits down and sweats, leaving the upholstery damp. This makes it an excellent  place for bacteria to grow, and unless  you’ve got  professional upholstery cleaning done, this bacteria can still  grow and multiply.

Dust And Allergens Can Get Trapped 

Next is dust and allergens. Not only does bacteria get trapped if you are not regularly  professional upholstery cleaning done, but dust and other allergens, like mold, can get trapped, as well. If you begin  to professional clean your upholstery regularly,  quite  likely  you’ll  see fewer problems with allergies in your family.

Breathing Dust And Allergens In  Can cause Health Problems

On to breathing problems.   little bit of  dust and other allergens can   get trapped in your upholstery. If you’re  not having upholstery cleaning done on  a regular basis,  quite  likely the air quality in your  house is  very bad, and possibly even worse than the air outside your home.

Contact St. Louis Carpet Service to assist  fight against the spread of germs and viruses. Just having upholstery cleaning done every  few  years can improve your family’s health in tremendous ways. If  you’re  able to  improve the health of your family, call St. Louis Carpet Service today!


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