Let’s discuss how to remove pet odor and remove pet stains on your carpets.

Got pets. While dogs, cats and other animals can bring so much to our lives, they can also wreak havoc on our carpets.  Pet owners know all too well that  odors caused by pets can be some of the toughest to remove.  Fortunately, St. Louis Carpet Service is here to help.  The experienced technicians know exactly how to deal with tough pet stains.  St. Louis Carpet Service professional cleaning crews attack the urine, odor or stains thoroughly to get the best results.

That pet stain may be an eyesore on the carpet surface, but the real problem is three layers deep — a carpet surface with visible stains and noticeable odor; a padding soaked by the stain and odor; and concrete and wood floors penetrated with odor and stains.  After removal of the carpet stain, the next task is to remove the pet odor.  St. Louis Carpet Service removes the odor by injecting antimicrobial into the underlying padding, eliminating the bacteria from urine soaked through the pad.  The most extensive pet urine damages and odors may require the contaminated padding to be removed, and the floor beneath washed, sanitized and sealed.

Surface treatments will not solve your carpet stain problem.  Fight against the spread of germs and viruses through cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting the living surface of your carpet with St. Louis Carpet Service which uses the latest cleaning wand with six jets, not the usual wand with 2-4 jets used by most carpet cleaners!  Move to the next cleaning level with St. Louis Carpet Service.

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